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In this today’s internet world, the Digital Marketing solutions can make the different type of a successful business. Right from starting to the end of your business to convert this movement into leads, Digital Marketing enables you to come out through large people that are right for your business.

Da-Rachyeta, the prominent Digital Media Company in India, helps you establish a position on the online medium for Search Engines and Social Media. Irrespective of the build and popularity of your company, if your mention does not appear in the top results when someone is looking for any of your offerings, you are bound to lose business to a competitor with better online presence.


Search Engine Placement

Search Engine Placement

Search Engine Optimization is the single most effective method to increase your online presence.

Branded Social Media Channels

Social media is public relations. It sets the tone for how you are going to engage and communicate with your consumers and brand loyalists.
Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Email is an unobtrusive and easy way to stay in front of your brand loyalist and customers.

We’re not fixed  price store

Da-Rachyeta provides different Plans for Different needs. In order to better help you figure out your options and potential costs, we need to identify who you are and what you need. Choose the one that best describes your situation.

Work process

We don't have hard core rules to to the same work with same techniques. We always change the prespective to see something different and create something different. We always answer your every question

We always go through this simple 6 steps, to make our work easy and efficent. We never ask for one more day, We always try to complete the work one day before.

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